“Don’t replace your boots, restore them at a fraction of the cost”

Patchless Repair and Boot Replacement

American Deice Boot Specialists
American Deice Boot Specialists
American Deice Boot Specialists
American Deice Boot Specialists

ADBS Specializes in the Deice Boot Patchless Repair Process

Using the BF Goodrich Pneumatic Black Pinhole Repair Kit and Zodiac Safran Patchless Repair Kit for all TBM 700 & 850. A Restoration protects your investment by extending the service life of your boots, leaving your boots looking and functioning like new again.

C560 RH Wing Boot Stripped GoDaddy (1)
C560 RH Wing Boot Restored GoDaddy (1)
American Deice Boot Specialists
C550 LH Wing Boot After GoDaddy (1)

Restoration Process Steps

  • 01. Scrub down all deice boots with the approved solvent. Removing all surface contamination; bug guts, grease, oil, residual fuel. Removing standard surface patches as possible. Leaving a clean and bare surface.
  • 02. Preform ground inflation check, inflating all boot surfaces. Locate and mark all leaks.
  • 03. Make all necessary repairs and bond all delaminated areas within repair criteria.
  • 4. Apply thick coat of conductive cement to the perimeter of the boot edge.

NOTE: Conductive Cement is critical to the overall function of the deice boots. Conductive cement provides a path for static build to dissipate and discharge through the airframe and out to the static wicks.

  • 5. Final step is to apply 4-5 coats of approved UV protectant surface sealer/wax leaving your boots looking and functioning like new again.

NOTE: Should a boot fail for repair criteria, ADBS can install a new one for you.

  • 6. Log book entry provided.

NOTE: We can travel to your facility on a case-by-case bases.

Cessna Mustang Jet Deicing Boot Repair

Cessna Mustang Jet. This aircraft was parked outside in the South Florida Sun for many years. The boots were cracking and severely weathered. ADBS has the skill and technology to bring life back to these boots, extending the service life for many more seasons. The customer was so happy. He said I saved him over $25 thousand dollars on deicing boots . Another satisfied deice boot customer.

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